The biological Extra Virgin oil

The Giordano firm causes an excellent extra virgin oil of olive commercialized in wrappings from 0,25- 0,75- 5- 25 liters, and being to biological address, the control comes effected with agronomic means and products admitted from the Reg. CEE 2092/ 91. Particularly, against the fly of the olives comes effected the capture housekeepers with traps [cromoattrattive], mails in reason of 1/ tree and, in case of infestation to the fruits, effected treatments come to base of natural [piretrine].
The cried young people have stayed protected from the attacks of [oziorrinco] with rings of resined (type wool of glass) on the trunk. For the dunging employees come organic products; during the summer he comes effected the irrigation for the application of the nitrogen and of microelement with formulated compatible with the systems of cultivation biological. Each two years are also applied to the [sovescio] with [favino].

Maintain the quality

For it as concern the harvest, totally performed to hand with the aid of vibrating combs and of [scuotitori] of the trunk, comes effected in the narrow respect of the epoches of maturation, looking for as of maintain tall the yielded of the drawn out oil. The olives as soon as harvests come harvest in plastic cassettes you perforate, in way of well and come in the millestone in the same day of harvest in the modern crusher, to cycle continuous integral Pieralisi of ownership of the same firm. Therefore the quality of the oil is insured, beyond that from the correct agronomic practice, from the timeliness with which they come transform the olives, harvests to the correct degree of maturation, and from the reserved care to the magazin of the oil, that comes preserved in cisterns of steel inox and in places that maintain the temperature relatively low and constant. After natural decantation, the oil is ready for be manufactured and introduced on the market.
The bottling happens to the moment of the sale staying in the cisterns to the dark keep better.


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