The indian fig

Around 2 hectares of the firm agricultural Giordano has destined to the cultivation of the fig trees of india with the methods of the biological agriculture. A fruit introduced in Italy from the Saracens of the dynasty is dealt with Arabic of the Agabliti of Kairnan, to the time of the unloading of Mazara (827). was thought pits an aboriginal plant from Asia, that explains the name that he doesn't correspond the his true origin. The plant is in the America, and he is especially present in Mexico where it occupy a place of first plain. The remote ascendancies of the Aztechi, they were the first to know and to use the fig tree from India in the human feeding. The missionaries, in Brazil and in the states less explored, still today we they carry news of the fig tree from India held in big consideration from those people that define plant from the it "sweet song" for the noise of the wind when cross it. E' a plant of the family of the Cactacee (Opuntia Ficus Points out) diffused in all the tropical and on-b-tropical countries In Italy the crop always has had in the past spontaneous character with interest prevalently local. The fruits are consumed to the cool state and they from the dietologist am considered excellent [integratori] in the "diet [mediterranea]." For a long time in Sicily be handed down the use of the "flowers of fig tree from India" for the beneficent activities and therapeuticses. Particularly, the infusion of the flowers picked and dried, he has an action diuretic and relaxing on the streets renal [escretrici] and y besides facilitate the [diuresi], the renal filtering and particularly for the action on the [uro-micro-litiasi] (gravel) in as comes facilitated the elimination and the expulsion of the renal calculuses. II yields, repeats the action of the flowers because it facilitate the renal function. The urines engage a color similar [ipercromico] that of the ingested fruit. The effect on the renal function is a sweet effect and according to nature, to which an action is added coordinator and correct on the also functional [cooperativitą] between kidney and liver. For which it consult the consumption of the fig tree from India in constant manner, to the subjects that have an overload of the metabolic job, renal and epatic.

Middle constitution of the fruits:
Water 56/ 58%
Sugars 18/ 20%
Protidi 4/ 6%
Salts of kick-potassio-magnesium 8/ 10%
Vitamin "C" 4.88mg/ 899ml
Vegetable fibers 7.2%

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